Zumba and Fitness in Stonehaven, Laurencekirk, Inverbervie and Auchenblae


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Exercise for Mental Health

This gentle exercise class is run at Pillar’s Stonehaven ‘Meet and Eat’ drop-in group which runs Tuesdays 11.30am – 2pm. The group is managed by friendly, qualified Pillar staff with members actively encouraged to get involved too . Tea, coffee, chat, talks take place in the conservatory. The exercise class takes place in the hall next door 12.15pm – 1pm. Members/staff make a healthy lunch which is served around 1pm. The exercise class is optional and takes place in the hall next door to the drop in group. The aim of the class is to encourage movement, gentle exercise, relaxation and self care to aid  mental heath management, recovery and future illness prevention. The class varies depending on the participants that attend and can include easy dance, simple tai chi, gentle strength exercises, mobility, tension release and stretches. There is a 5-10 minute guided  (seated)…

Exercise Rehabilitation- Circuits

Circuit Based Classes  The class is suitable for anyone with the following: Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Problems e.g. angina, stent, bypass, valve replacement, Mental Health issues Participants should be able to walk at a gentle pace for 45 mins before attending the class. The classes can be attended via referral from doctor, nurse or consultant for anyone with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity or mental health problems. Please get in touch if your health professional needs more information/referral forms. Self referral is possible for those with a long term stable conditions and the class would be of benefit.  Please contact me if you wish to attend the class. These classes are run by GCRA  (Grampian Cardiac Rehabilitation Association www.gcra.org.uk).

Strong 4 Life

Improve muscle strength, bone strength, core strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. Keep your body well for life! Low impact, safe exercises using bands and body weight are used in this class to workout the whole body, challenging the core throughout. Emphasis is placed on good posture and body positioning and how to carry these into your everyday life. I have the training and experience to accommodate people with injuries or long term conditions- giving movement alternatives where needed.


ZUMBA is fun dance based exercise class with great music from around the world (e.g. Latin, Bollywood, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Samba). My class is easy to follow with intensity options in every song allowing everyone to get the workout they want. My main focus is making the class fun and achievable – people leave knowing they’ve exercised but with a big smile on their faces! Zumba Classes in Stonehaven, Laurencekirk, Auchenblae and Inverbervie

Cardiac Rehab – Circuit Classes and  Chair Based Exercise Classes are £4, try your first class for free. Yearly membership of GCRA is £10, visit  www.gcra.org.uk.

Zumba and Strong for Life classes are £5 or buy a 10 class card for £45.
No booking needed. Wear comfy workout clothes, trainers (for Zumba wear ones that allow you to twist), bring water and a small towel.

Gentle exercise class at the Pillar (Mental Health Charity) Stonehaven is a drop in class for those referred to the group. please contact Pillar or you doctor/CPN if you wish to come along.                          www.pillarkincardine.co.uk.

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