Exercise for Mental Health

This gentle exercise class is run at Pillar’s Stonehaven ‘Meet and Eat’ drop-in group which runs Tuesdays 11.30am – 2pm. The group is managed by friendly, qualified Pillar staff with members actively encouraged to get involved too . Tea, coffee, chat, talks take place in the conservatory.

The exercise class takes place in the hall next door 12.15pm – 1pm.

Members/staff make a healthy lunch which is served around 1pm.

The exercise class is optional and takes place in the hall next door to the drop in group. The aim of the class is to encourage movement, gentle exercise, relaxation and self care to aid  mental heath management, recovery and future illness prevention.

The class varies depending on the participants that attend and can include easy dance, simple tai chi, gentle strength exercises, mobility, tension release and stretches. There is a 5-10 minute guided  (seated) relaxation/mindfulness at the end.

Referral to the group can be made through your GP, CPN or psychiatrist.

Pillar run a variety of groups in Stonehaven and Laurencekirk, They can also provide one to one support and information.

If you have a mental health problem and would like help, please contact Pillar direct on 01569 767 222 or www.pilarkincardine.co.uk