Online and Live Fitness Classes

  • Live Classes Update
  • Zumba Inverbervie Sports Centre starts Monday 26th October 10am. Click HERE to book your space.
  • Zumba Auchenblae starts 12/10/20 limited spaces are being offered to regulars first.
  • Stonehaven classes- no available hall has been found yet.

Mainstream Classes online

  • Tues 9.30am Strong 4 Life
  • Tues 7pm Zumba
  • Wed 7pm HIIT
  • Wed 7.30pm Core Ball
  • Thurs 9.30am Zumba
  • Click HERE to pay. You will be sent an email with the relevant Zoom codes and Zumba class linkscodes.

Senior Classes Online

  • Tues 11am Senior Circuits
  • Thurs 11am Chair Based Exercise
  • Click HERE to pay. You will be sent an email with the relevant Zoom codes.
  • NEW ONLINE CLASSES. I’m launching new online classes in October for seniors and mainstream classes, as listed above. These will be payable monthly, £15*.
  • You are welcome to try a class for free, contact me for the codes.
  • All classes start Tues 6th October. *N.B. 10 class cards can be exchanged for payment- please contact me.
  • Zumba online can also be paid for per class, contact me for the links.

Class Descriptions

STRONG 4 LIFE (50mins) 4 exercises x 1 min, repeated 3 times each round the intensity increases. 1 set standing, 1 set floor based. Options given throughout. Aims to improve strength, balance, posture and natural movement ability. you will need a mat and light weights. Suitable for all, check with me if you have any medical condition/injuries.

HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training (30 mins). Exercises to keep the body functionally strong, powerful, balanced, coordinated and mobile. Includes warm up to ensure the body/joints are ready for exercise; main HIIT circuit featuring standing and floor exercises to challenge and work all the main muscle groups; finishing with back/abs exercises plus a whole body stretch. Options given for every exercise to accomodate complete beginners to more advanced exercisers. Great cross training for all sports and CV classes.You will need a mat.

CORE BALL (30 mins) Learn to engage and work your core/abs in every exercise as you strengthen the whole body. Focus is on good posture and stabilisation in all movements. Great cross training for all sports and CV classes. You will need a mat and a core ball (your hips/knees should be at right angles or slightly higher when seated on the fully inflated ball). Contact me if you need any help with core ball sizes.

ZUMBA (60 mins) fun dance class to help you keep physically and mentally well. Good for stamina, coordination, mobility and hapiness! Suitable for all, contact me if you have any medical conditions or injuries.

SENIOR CIRCUIT CLASS (50 mins) suitable for adults with most stable medical conditions and can walk up to 60 mins. Aim to maintain/improve endurance, strength, coordination, mobility and balance. Intensity options given throughout. You will need light weights (dumbells/cans of beans/water bottles) and a chair. Compliant with NHS recommendations

CHAIR BASED EXERCISE CLASS (50 mins) Gentle exercise for older adults. Suitable for those with/without most stable medical conditions. Aims of the class is to maintain/improve stamina, balance, mobility, strength and walking ability. Seated/standing options and intensity options given throughout. You will need light weights (dumbells/cans of beans/water bottles) and two kitchen/dining chairs. Compliant with NHS recommendations.

To ensure the health of every participant you will be asked to complete a fitness questionnaire prior to your first online/live class. Chair based class-you must have someone with you during live online classes if you have balance issues or a history of falls. Please take part in live online classes only if you are fit and well, any doubts don’t do the class and contact me.

Please be safe and ensure you exercise in a clear, hazard free environment on an even, uncarpeted floor. Please don’t take part if you’re feeling unwell in any way. You take responsibility for your own use watching and taking part in the movements within these videos/live classes. Jacquie Donoghue, the author of these videos/live online classes accept no liability. Jacquie Donoghue will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of these or others online videos/live online classes, or information shared on her website/social media. All content is provided for general information only – and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own GP or any other health professional.