Live Classes

Mainstream Classes

Summer 2021 classes most will continue throughout July and the first week of August. Please see individual classes below. No classes 9-13th August inc.

  • Tues 9.30am Strong 4 Life Rhythm Dance Nation Studio, Stonehaven Spaces Available (no class 3rd August)
  • Tues 7pm Zumba Auchenblae Hall spaces available, (no class 3rd or 10th August)
  • Thurs 9.30am Zumba Rhythm Dance Nation Studio, Stonehaven no classes throughout the summer holidays, restarts Thursday 19th August spaces available

Senior Classes

  • Tues 11am GCRA Senior Circuits Rhythm Dance Nation Studio, Stonehaven Contact for details (no class 10th August)
  • Wed 9.30am GCRA Senior Circuits Dickson Hall, Laurencekirk Contact for details (no class 11th August)
  • Thurs 11am Chair based Exercise Stonehaven Bowling Club Fully booked (no class 15th July or 12th August)

Chair Based Exercise

Thurs 11-12 noon Stonehaven Bowling Club

Great class to improve strength, balance, coordination, mobility and endurance. Warm Up with mobilisers to loosen the neck/shoulders/back and ankles.

Standing Exercises to improve endurance, balance and leg strength.

Seated strength exercises to improve arm and shoulder strength.

Finishing with relaxing seated and standing stretches.

Senior Circuits

  • Tues 11am Rhythm Dance Nation Studio, Stonehaven
  • Wed 9.30am Dickson Hall, Laurencekirk

This class is suitable for seniors of all ages and abilities and caters for a wide range of medical conditions. The class consists of:

  • 15 min gentle warm up
  • 30 min Circuit of a variety of exercises to work all the main muscle groups in the body plus the heart/lungs. Intensity options given throughout. Weights can be used. Optional short Zumba dance will be given half way through.
  • 15 min Gentle cool down plus standing/seated stretches and mobility exercises

This class is suitable for those that can comfortably walk for an hour (please see Chair Based Exercise if thats not the case). Suitable for those with stable medical conditions e.g. heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis and obesity.