Jacquie D. Fitness

All normal classes are cancelled during lockdown. I’m doing 2 live classes every week: Tuesdays 7pm Zumba on Zoom and Fridays 10am Strong 4 Life on Facebook. Please scroll down for more info about these classes plus senior exercise videos.

I’m not charging for any of my classes or uploaded videos during lockdown. I would be grateful if you’re able to donate to Pillar Kincardine, a local charity which supports people with mental health issues in South Aberdeenshire. Please click HERE to donate. Thank you xxx

Online Classes

Please click on ‘Facebook’ or ‘YouTube’ next to the class you wish to do, or click on the videos on LHS.

Tuesdays 7pm ZUMBA Live on Zoom, to join in send a friend request to Jacquie Donoghue and message ‘Zoomba’ to me and you’ll be added to a private FB group to get meeting codes/passwords. Also check out my Jacquie D. Fitness YouTube channel or my Mearns Fitness YouTube channel for Zumba, Core Ball and Combat classes.

Fridays 10am STRONG 4 LIFE streamed Live on Facebook. Just view my facebook page on that day/time and join in. Videos available to view anytime.

SENIOR CIRCUITS A full class is available to view on my YouTube channel- click on the videos left. 3 videos available Warm Up, Circuits and Cool down. Do all three (45 mins) or just Warm up/Cooldown for a shorter easier session (30 mins).

CHAIR BASED EXERCISE I have a 15 minute Chair Based exercise class on YouTube. Senior exercise Specialists Later Life Training are doing a programme of live short exercise classes 3 times a day (8am, noon and 4pm) called ‘Make Movement Your Mission’. You can join them live or watch any video later on YouTube or Facebook.

OTHER CLASSES ONLINE Yoga Julie Giles Yoga Facebook. Live Life (A’shire Council) and Fife Council have a variety of free online classes.

Class Descriptions

Zumba (60 mins) fun dance class to help you keep physically and mentally well. Good for stamina, coordination, mobility and feel good levels. Suitable for all contact me if you have any medical conditions or injuries. Kids welcome.

Strong 4 Life (45-60mins) 2 sets of 4 exercises repeated 3 times for 1 minute, each round the intensity increases- can you do it all? Options given throughout. Aims to improve strength, balance, posture and natural movement ability. Suitable for all check with me if you have any medical condition/injuries. Kids welcome.

Senior Circuit Class (45-60 mins) suitable for adults with most stable medical conditions and can walk up to 60 mins. Aim to maintain/improve endurance, strength, coordination, mobility and balance. Intensity options given throughout. Compliant with NHS recommendations

Chair Based Exercise Classes very gentle exercise for older adults. Suitable for older adults with/without most stable medical conditions. Aim to maintain/improve stamina, balance, mobility and strength. Seated/standing options and intensity options given throughout. Compliant with NHS recommendations.

I am not in a position to pre-screen the health of every participant prior to each class. Please take part only if you are fit and well, any doubts don’t do the class and contact me.

Please be safe and ensure you exercise in a clear, hazard free environment on an even (preferably uncarpeted) floor.You take responsibility for your own use watching and taking part in the movements within the videos. The authors of these videos accept no liability. Jacquie Donoghue will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of these or others online videos, or information shared on her website/social media. All content is provided for general information only – and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own GP or any other health professional.